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   What is covered under warranty?

Our warranty terms cover manufacturing defects only and not general wear and tear or damage caused by the misuse of products. Warranty is only extended to products purchased through Endeavour Life Care.

   Can I carry out the repairs myself?

We are more than happy to supply & deliver the parts required for you to carry out your own repairs, however, we cannot supply any tools or equipment. Please also note that any repairs or alterations made to products that are not carried out by our own repair team will void the warranty of the product.

   What sort of time frame can I expect for my repair?

With a dedicated and trained repairs team on hand, we do our best to get repairs completed in a timely manner. We are generally able to make an assessment of the repair within 5 working days of receiving a claim (provided the item in question is available for assessment). However, as we do not carry a full supply of spare parts on all our products, we are often subject to the availability of such parts through our suppliers.

   Does Endeavour Life Care perform repairs on-site?

We are generally able to make an assessment of what is required for a repair on-site, however, as many repairs require installation, specialised tools and equipment, and the removal of specific parts, we are not always able to complete the repairs on-site and will often need to bring the product back to our warehouse for further repairs.

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