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Easy Flo Bubble Pad & Pump Overlay

The Easy Flo Bubble Pad & Pump Overlay is an economical, alternating overlay system.

The pump has an adjustable pressure range of 55 - 95mmhg with no alarm function.

The overlay is a simple bubble style made from PVC with end flaps to secure the overlay to the mattress.

    1. Easy to set up and use as preventative for an individual at risk of developing pressure sores.
    2. Made from PVC material- Which is easy to clean for carers.
      1. Weight Capacity: 100kg

        Minimum User Weight: 30kg

        Risk Category: Low to Very Low

        Mattress Dimensions: 890mm x 1980mm

        Alternation: Alternating

        Pressure Range: 50 - 95mmhg

        Air Output: 4.5 Litres per Minute

        Cycle Time: 6 Minutes

        Cell Height: 2.5"