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Personal Medical Alarm - PROTEC

The device that could save your life. The Guardian ProTec is an emergency call device that, with a simple ‘click’ of a button, can text and call up to five people in the case of an accident or emergency 

The Automatic Fall Alert System means the device can automatically send out an emergency text or call your contacts if it senses that you have fallen. The speed-dial button on the side of the device will contact one nominated emergency contact, such as 000, and allow you to speak to them directly via two-way communication – just like a mobile phone call, except you don’t have to hold the device to your ear because of its loud volume settings. 

With a GPS tracking feature, you can feel secure everywhere you go. The pendent can send a live location link on Google Maps to your contacts, so they can keep an eye on you and in the case of an emergency, can get help to you sooner. This user-friendly device alerts you when the battery is running low, and the charging cradle makes it simple to recharge.  

All these safety features are disguised as a small and stylish accessory. With availabilities in bright, vibrant colours including, green, blue and pink, it’s easy to spot, despite being the smallest safety pendent on the market.  

So, don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect yourself now, with the ProTec safety pendent.