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Typhoon Light Weight Wheelchair- Self Propelled


The Typhoon is a lightweight aluminium frame wheelchair, which makes it perfectly designed for transporting individuals. It has multiple adjustable features to tailor the wheelchair to the individual's needs, making it ergonomic and providing ultimate comfort. It has been designed to be highly durable with spare parts and servicing available to give a longer-lasting reliable wheelchair. 

    1. Can be self-propelled or attend propelled.
    2. By adjusting front and rear wheels the seat height and angle can be adjusted to improve ergonomics and seating positioning.
    3. Quick-release rear wheels.
    4. Height adjustable handles to suit the attendant's height.
    5. Fold back armrests allowing for side transfers and for users to position themselves closer to tables when dining.
    6. Tension adjustable backrest for added comfort.
    7. Full-length padded armrests for users that spend extended time in their wheelchair.
    8. Swing away & removable footrests for safer and easier transfers into the wheelchair.
    9. Dual steel park brakes for added safety.
    10. Adjustable rear anti-tip wheels.
    11. Comes standard with a foam cushion for the user's comfort.
    12. Rubber ankle support on both footrests.
  • Typhoon self propelled wheelchair specifications

NB: The only model currently available is the 20" Typhoon