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A bannister rail can provide you with the support needed to guide you safely up and down the stairs.  Falling is a common cause of serious injuries among seniors. Whether it’s two steps or an entire flight, inside or in the backyard, all stairs should have bannister rails, preferably one on each side (“bi-lateral”) to offer the most support. 

Bannister rails will offer additional support and balance ensuring you can still reach every level of your home safely and securely. 

We design and manufacture all of our bannister rails in-house using rust-resistant galvanised steel, and in accordance with Australian Standards (AS1428.1:2009). Each bannister rail is made to measure, specifically to suit your home and can be made in a variety of colours. We can supply and install, or you can provide us with dimensions and we’ll ship your bannister rail to you.  

As you grow older, you’ll need to adapt your home to fit your ongoing and future needs. If you or a loved one requires wheelchair or wheeled-walker accessibility, it could be time to invest in an access ramp. Here are some more benefits to installing a wheelchair access ramp: 

1. Increased mobility

As previously mentioned, a timber wheelchair access ramp will ensure anyone in a wheelchair, or even someone with a walker or reduced mobility can easily access your front door. With the access ramp in place this will also reduce the risk of injuries or accidents from falling, a common occurrence with stairs.  

2. Improved look 

We make our access ramps out of the finest hardwood timber, which ensures that it looks elegant and stylish. Wooden ramps can harmonise with your outdoor deck or patio and add an earthy, natural look to your home. Hardwoods, professional workmanship and design also ensures that the ramp is durable and strong enough to withstand the weight of even the largest mobility scooter.  

3. Customised solutions 

We have a professional team that will design and manufacture custom timber wheelchair access ramps that suits your taste, and your current and future needs. You can select from a variety of options in numerous shapes and sizes, ensuring you always have access to every area of your home. 

We offer you personalised, customisable solutions that enable you to access uneven surfaces like doorways and steps of any width, creating safe pathways throughout your home. 

All of our wheelchair access ramps are built in accordance with AS1428.1:2009, ensuring you have the best and safest possible addition to your home. 

As we get older, falls become a more serious concern. This means you might need a little more help standing up, sitting down or even just moving around your home.

Grab rail installation in your home can significantly increase your mobility almost instantly. Grab rails can give you back your confidence and ensure you can move freely at home with greater freedom and ease. 

1. Grab rail installation for toilet independence 

When using grab rails, you also take pressure off sore or weak joints. This ensures that no matter your age and joint mobility, you can still sit down and get up from the toilet independently. 

2. Bathroom stability after grab rail installation 

Installing a grab rail next to your bath will ensure you can continue to get in and get out of the tub at your leisure. Equipping your shower with a grab rail will improve your balance and stability and restore your confidence in your ability to shower safely and independently. 

Grab rails may seem small but they are a significant step in creating a safe environment for years to come, ensuring you can age in place.

A hand-held shower has an extended hose with a showerhead that you can hold and move freely around your body. This ensures you can reach all the right places without having to move around too much, and without struggling or being afraid of falling or slipping. 

The hand-held showerhead works very well for seniors when combined with a shower stool or bench. From a seated position you will easily be able to bathe and remain safe from potential falls. This is especially important if you are experiencing balance, strength or endurance issues. 

Seniors can now remain at home and take care of themselves with a user-friendly showering alternative. Our certified plumbers can assist you in installing your new hand-held shower unit and ensure you remain in your home for many years to come. 

Recycled rubber provides excellent grip and won’t slide away as you put weight onto it. It’s also highly malleable and can be moulded to almost any shape or size, and can easily be packed up or moved.

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Shower base inserts are an economical and efficient modification to allow you to safely and comfortably access your shower if you experience reduced mobility.

They prevent falls by removing the shower lip or step that often causes trips and falls. The provide a non-slip surface offering you more confidence in the shower.