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Timber Wheelchair / Access Ramps

Building a timber wheelchair ramp should only be done by a registered builder like ELC Home Modifications. The construction of wheelchair and mobility access ramps is often governed by the Victorian Building Authority and approval from your local council. There are recommended gradient for ramps in Australia (1:14, although it’s only 1:8 for threshold ramps), as well as specifications for landings, kerb rails and hand rails to allow for better access and safety. The physical risks for frail aged or people living with a disability far outweigh any potential savings in attempting this without the right qualifications and experience.

A custom-built, professional solution will ensure safer and easier access in style that suits your home and taste. ELC Home Modificationshave been building ramps in accordance with Australian Standards AS1428 for over 30 years, and are Victoria’s most experienced builders specialising in home modifications. 


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