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Toilet Surround - Height Adjustable

The Height Adjustable Toilet Surround is a solid and safe support frame, designed to help users to lower themselves onto the toilet comfortably. Featuring height adjustable legs, the user can tailor this toilet surround to suit their individual needs. It's available in 2 sizes, standard (E207) and bariatric (E208) depending on the size of the user. Both surrounds will fit standard toilet sizes. 
    1. Height adjustable on all four legs to fit any situation.
    2. Sturdy design with high Safe Weight Load.
    3. Anti-slip rubber feet for added safety.
    4. E207 (Standard): Width: 450mm. Height: adjustable from 645mm - 770mm. SWL 150kg. 
    5. E208 (Bariatric)Width: 590mm. Height: adjustable from 780mm - 920mm. SWL 175kg.