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Aquatec Ocean Dual VIP Tilt Mobile Shower Commode

The Invacare Ocean Dual VIP Tilt Mobile Shower Commode is the pinnacle of shower commode design. This mobile shower commode combines style, functionality and comfort all into the one product. The dual VIP model offers both tilt and recline functions.


Available in 3 Models: Ocean VIP, Dual Ocean Vip and Ocean E-VIP.

Ocean VIP- has the standard tilt function.

Dual ocean VIP- Comes with the added feature of reclining as well as tilt function.

Ocean E-VIP- Is an electrical (battery), remote operated version.



    1. Designed in Germany, developed through extensive research & development and produced with a high level of quality control implemented.
    2. Easy to use- Tool-less for many of the adjustable features.
    3. Ergonomic design providing suitable and comfortable support to where it's needed most.
    4. High quality anti-rust components made from stainless steel and heavy duty plastic.
    5. 5-year warranty on the frame.
    6. Extra parts and componentsare available for customising for users needs.
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