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Bottom Wiper

The Bottom Wiper is designed to help individuals with a limited range of motion to help clean themselves after using the toilet. The wiper is designed to have an ergonomic bend that helps the individual reach around to wipe themselves clean.

The toilet paper slides easily into the holder and is securely held into place as the user can roll as much toilet paper as they require. This Bottom wiper comes with a discrete sanitary bag for convenient storage and for hygiene reasons. 

*This product is on display at our Dandenong South Showroom and also at the Independent Living centre in Braybrook.


    1. Discrete sanitary bag for convenient storage and hygiene purposes.
    2. Ergonomic handle and grip nozzle allowing for easy application.
    3. Designed with a bend for easy reaching and cleaning.
  • ADBA3 Bottom Wiper Mobility Aid Specifications