Mack Bariatric Walker and Rollator

The Mack bariatric walker and rollator is a heavy duty walker, that is the perfect walking companion to a tall or larger framed user.  It has a durable frame that doesn't sacrifice functionality- with it still being easily folded and transported. Available in a mini, standard and mighty version.
    1. Heavy duty frame and bearings for added safety and greater Safe Weight Load.
    2. Fold-able frame for easy transportation.
    3. Back rest can be removed, allowing for a flatter frame when folded up.
    4. Solid wide padded seat for comfort and support.
    5. Removable basket for the conveniently storing of users possessions.
    6. Arthritic grip handles with a ball grip to engage park breaks making it easier for users with weak hand strength.
  • Mack Walker and Rollator Specifications