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The Mack Bariatric Wheeled Walker and Rollator


The Mack Bariatric Wheeled Walker and Rollator is a heavy duty walker, that is the perfect walking companion to a tall or larger framed user.  It has a durable large frame that doesn't sacrifice functionality with it still able to be easily folded and transported.


    1. Heavy duty frame and bearings for added safety and greater Safe Weight Load.
    2. Foldable frame for easy transportation.
    3. The backrest can be removed, allowing for a flatter frame when folded up.
    4. Solid wide padded seat for comfort and support.
    5. Removable basket for the conveniently storing of users possessions.
    6. Arthritic grip handles with a ball grip to engage park breaks making it easier for users with weak hand strength.
  • This Product is a large product as per the delivery charge table.