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Ovation brings sleek, ovate curves and modern styling to your bathroom that will warrant another round of appluase as it helps to bring you safely back to your feet. The sturdy arms provide a stable support as you raise or lower yourself onto the toilet, giving you confidence and dignity without compromising on style.

Ovation’s modern design and craftsmanship will fit onto most standard toilets. Installation is very easy, simply remove the existing toilet seat then insert the bolts through the rear fitting holes on your toilet basin, tighten and set the armrests to your desired height.

Ensure a tight and stable fit before attempting to use the Ovation toilet sear raiser. Contact our team for additional support.


  • Easy to clean and hygienic, modern design
  • Easily fits most standard toilets
  • Replaces existing seat and lid.
  • Height adjustable, moulded arm-rests


  • Overall width arm to arm – 609mm
  • Armrest Height (2 settings) 60mm or 100mm
  • Overall depth – 458mm
  • Overall height – 310mm
  • Seat height -109mm
  • Seat width – 370mm
  • Seat depth – 430mm
  • Aperture size – 24mm X 19mm
  • Weight – 4.3 kg