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Pacific Kingston Day Chair


The Pacific Kingston Day Chair is a highly versatile day chair that has wheels for easy movement and height-adjustable legs. Armrests are designed to fold-down and allow for an obstruction-free side transfer, or to fit underneath a dining table. This day chair is the perfect patient dining chair, allowing great access close to the table thanks to its castors and rear handles.

Available in two width options: Standard and Wide.

Upholstery is available in 3 colours of vinyl: Grey, Beige and Brown.


Prescribers & Wholesale Customers Please request a quote for pricing.


    1. 4 castors wheels with brakes for portability and safety. 
    2. Adjustable Height chair to customize for users size.
    3. Height adjustable arms for side transfer and to enable users to be pushed in close when eating at a table.
    4. Rear attendant handles to position user into place.
    5. Easy to clean vinyl upholstery 
  • E905 Pacific Kingston day chair specifications