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Sanitising Mats

The Steri-Tread is a three-part cleansing mat dispenses liquid sanitisers when stepped on.

The soles of shoes carry harmful airborne pathogens that have fallen to the floor. So, to prevent the spread of germs between locations, the Steri-Tread can be placed at the entry of buildings to clean the sole of shoes that are carrying harmful bacteria.


This sanitising mat is made up of three components that together, dispense a liquid sanitiser when stepped on to purify the bottom of your shoes.

  1. The Rubber Dam

The base of the mat is a rubber dam that grips to the floor and prevents any liquid sanitiser from spilling out.

2. Woven Sponge

The woven top is a course sponge designed to hold and dispense liquid sanitiser onto the bottom of a pair of shoes when a patron steps onto it.

3. Drying Mat

Placed after the sponge, the drying mat removes any excess sanitiser that's stuck to the bottom of a patron's shoes.

So, the next time a patron walks into a room with the Steri-Tread, you can rest assured that they're probably not leaving a long trail of germs behind them.