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Aluminium Shower Stool

The Aluminium Shower Stool is designed to help users sit safely in the shower, reducing an individuals risk of falling over while showering. The Aluminum frame makes this stool a lighter weight version than a standard steel frame. The legs on this model are slightly splayed to offer the ability to stack multiple shower stools on top of each other.

Prescribers & Wholesale Customers-  Please request a quote for pricing.


    1. Aluminum Frame which makes it lightweight and resistant to rust.
    2. Height adjustable to customise for Individuals requirements.
    3. Anti-slip rubber feet to reduce the chance of movement when sitting down.
    4. Splayed legs for stability when in use, and better storage (stacking) when not in use
    5. TGA Registered and designed to meet AS/NZS requirements.
    6. High Safe Weight Load for added safety and security.
  • E137PA ALUMINUM SHOWER STOOL specifications
  • This product is a medium sized product as per the delivery charges table.