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Transfer Bath Bench

Suction Feet

The Transfer Bath Bench helps users move from outside the bath into one while maintaining a safe and seated position. This aid helps carers or family members by reducing the need for lifting or manual handling of the users to help them into the bath.

    1. Height adjustable- So you can adjust for users height and the height of the bath.
    2. Adjustable Support arm- Support arms can be moved to either side of the bench.
    3. Solid plastic design- Making it sturdy and easy to clean.
    4. Ergonomically curved backrest- For greater support and comfort for the user.
    5. Anti Rust frame- Made from aluminium for longevity and so no rusting will occur.
    6. Rubber feet- So the user is safer because the feet are less likely to slip when wet.
  • E115 Transfer bench