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Universal Bed Stick

The Universal Bed Stick supports the user with getting in and out of the bed safely and comfortably. Made from strong, durable steel that provides secure and stable support for the user with a return safety handle for a better grip. A bed stick allows the user to assist themselves with their upper body; making it easier to get up from a lying position without strain. It can also be used to re-position themselves and can assist carers when performing patient transfers.

Dimensions: 500mm (L) x 500mm (W) x 640mm (H)


    1. A universal design which is able to be fitted under any standard mattress on either the left or right side of a bed.
    2. Safety return - 180 Degree return handle for safety.
    3. Stable and safe support thanks to its large square shaped base.
  • E313DR Bed Stick Product Specifications
  • This product is a medium product as per the delivery table.Endeavour Life Care Delivery Charges