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Desktop Air Purifier

Disease causing pathogens that float in the air can be effectively filtered by an efficient HEPA filter – This is just one of the many features of the Desktop Air Purifier.

The Desktop Air Purifier has Interchangeable HEPA filters to remove even invisible particles and microbes to clean the air your breathe. 

Its portable and unobtrusive design can be positioned anywhere in your living/working space, and it's low noise emission won't be a distraction to you or other occupants.



  • Compact and Portable, position anywhere near where you breathe
  • High output
  • Sleek unobtrusive appearance.
  • Low noise 59DbA even on highest setting
  • Variable settings
  • Low 25 watt power consumption
  • Generates negative ions
  • Interchangeable HEPA filters remove even invisible particles and microbes
  • Filter change reminder light
  • Create positive air pressure above your desktop to control HVAC airflows
  • Expels air upwards keeping your desk space out of the breathing stream of other occupants
  • Scent diffuser included, may aid concentration*


*In John Medina’s best selling “Brain Rules” he shows evidence of improved student concentration in the presence of Rose Maroc for males and Vanilla for females.