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Dyna Seal Waterproof Cast Protectors

Body Part

The Dyna Seal Waterproof Cast Protectors will enable individuals to wash normally while keeping their cast or bandage dry. The rubber seal around the opening ensures the cast protector keeps all water out, preventing it from coming into contact with the cast. They are re-usable and can be used as many times as required.

Available in various sizes: for legs, arms, feet/ankles and hands.


    1. Waterproof- protecting your casts and bandages from water when showering.
    2. Re-useable for as many times as needed.
      1. Adult Hand 30cm Length

         Adult Short Arm 55cm Length 

        Adult Long Arm 99cm Length

        Adult Foot/Ankle 28cm Length

        Adult Short Leg 58cm Length

        Adult Long Leg 106cm Length

        Pediatric medium Arm 45cm Length

        Pediatric large Arm 56cm Length

        Pediatric medium Leg 46cm Length

        Pediatric large Leg 79cm Length