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Omni Swivel Table with Support Handle

The Omni Swivel Table with Support Handle is a convenient table that can be positioned under a lift chair, recliner or couch. The swivel away design is perfect for easily moving the table in and out of position when the individual is sitting, the table also offers a support handle that assists users in standing up from a seated position.

 *This product and offer is an online purchase exclusive.

    1. Oversized swivel table for eating, reading or using the laptop.
    2. Support handle to safely assist the user in standing up.
    3. Suits most lift chairs, recliners or lounges.
  • - The Height of Tray: 61cm to 81cm
    - Height Adjustment Handle: 72cm to 92cm
    - Dimensions of Handle: 11.4cm x 12.7cm
    - Base Length Adjustment: 65cm to 90cm
    - Weight: 5.5kgs
    - Size of Tray: 51cm x 38cm
    - Base Feet Measurements:12.7cm x 20.3cm
    - Weight Limit of Tray: 14kgs
    - Weight Limit of Handle: 114kgs
  •  Delivery: Shipped Australia wide for free!