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Pride LC101- Euro Leather Electric Lift Chair and Recliner


The Pride Euro Leather lift chair and recliner is an ideal combination of both style and comfort. With an elegant design and leather upholstery, it will provide the user with a helping hand lifting them up to assist them to their feet. The recliner capability will create comfort for anybody looking to relax in a laydown position making it ideal to rest & sleep in.

Available in 4 leather colours: beige, brown, black and red. 

      1. Single motor, 3 position lift chair: raised standing position, sitting position and reclined position.
      2. Luxurious genuine leather upholstery.
      3. Solid wooden frame with a weight capacity of 227kgs.
      4. Emergency backup battery for safety.
      5. Smooth movement and quiet motor.
    • LC101 Pride lift chair product specification