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Total Spinal Support


The Total Spinal Support is a fully contoured back chair cushion that is designed to minimise lateral movement. The postural support helps ease back pain, promote correct spine alignment and relieve stress on the lumbar.

Available In 2 models: a soft and a firmer version.

The Firm Model:is ideal for the car or office (40cm wide and 55cm high).

The Soft Model: Is ideal for lounge or couch ( 40cm wide and 50cm high).

    1. Contoured design- Helping to alleviate back pain and stress. 
    2. Can be used universally-Will fit most standard chairs (whether at home or in the office) and car seats.
    3. Breathable material- Made from 100% open cell breathing urethane foam.
  • The Firm Model: 40cm wide and 55cm high.

    The Soft Model: 40cm wide and 50cm high.