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Bedside Commode Chair


The Bedside Commode Chair is a discreet commode that offers a safe and durable alternative to making the dangerous and difficult trip to the bathroom, especially during the night. The seat simply lifts up, revealing a toilet seat and pan, and folds back down after use. 


  • 4-point Height adjustability to customise for individual needs or uneven footing

  • Padded armrests for comfort and support  

  • Easy to clean, hard-wearing vinyl upholstery

  • Bowl/Pan included 
        1. Upholsteryuses reinfornced timber framework around insulted PU vinyl with concealed stitching 
        2. Frame made from heavy guage mild-steel with strong welded joints 
        3. Hardware: steel-reinforced rubber stoppers for grip, stability and durability, rust-proof copper and aluminium or zinc-plated hardware to prevent rust after cleaning 
        4. Standard: Seat Width: 450mm, Depth: 450mmm, Seat Height: 450mm-590mm, SWL: 200kg
        5. Wide: Seat Width: 550mm, Depth: 450mmm, Seat Height: 450mm-590mm, SWL: 200Kg