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Easy Flo 2000 Alternating Air Pressure Mattress

The Easy Flo 2000 Alternating Air Mattress is an economical lateral cell alternating overlay system. The mattress and pump system features 17 alternating cells plus 3 static cells at the head /pillow end.

The Easy Flo 2000 is designed for the medium Risk patient. This system includes a low pressure and power failure audible alarm on the pump, static or alternating mattress, quick release hose connections and CPR valve.

    1. Alternating Air flow matress- Reducing the risk of developing pressure sores.
    2. Quiet operations- Allowing for a peaceful and comfortable sleep for the user.
    3. 2-way stretch vapour permeable cover- easier cleaning for a carer.
      1. Weight Capacity: 150kg

        Minimum User Weight: 30kg

        Risk Category: medium Risk

        Mattress Dimensions: 900mm x 2000mm

        Alternation: Static & Alternating 1 in 2 Cells

        Pressure Range: 20 - 60mmhg

        Air Output: 8 Litres per Minute

        Cycle Time: Adjustable 10, 15 to 20 Minutes

        Cell Height: 5"

        Cover Type: 2-way stretch vapour permeable