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Easy Flo 3000 Alternating Air Pressure Mattress

The Easy Flo 3000 Alternating Air Mattress is a premium lateral cell alternating mattress and pump overlay system.

Featuring a digital pump with an adjustable cycle time of 10-15-20 minutes, it also comes standard with a low pressure and power failure audible alarm and quick release hose and airline

The mattress has 17 alternating cells plus 3 static cells at the head/pillow end. The Easy Flo 3000 cells are full PU with CPR valve and are covered with a 2-way stretch vapour permeable cover.

    1. Designed to prevent the development of pressure sores for medium to start of high-risk users.
    2. Quite operating motor-for a peaceful and comfortable sleep.
    3. 2-way stretch cover- Making it easier to be cleaned by a carer
      1. Weight Capacity: 150kg

        Minimum User Weight: 30kg

        Risk Category: medium Risk to start of High Risk

        Mattress Dimensions: 900mm x 2000mm

        Alternation: Static & Alternating 1 in 2 Cells

        Pressure Range: 20 - 50mmhg

        Air Output: 8 Litres per Minute

        Cycle Time: Adjustable 10, 15 to 20 Minutes

        Cell Height: 5"

        Cover Type: 2 way stretch vapour permeable