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Daily aids to make living with arthritis a little bit easier: Products for arthritis

July 02, 2021

Almost 50% of Australians over 65 years old reported doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Since arthritis is a condition that effects joints, those who suffer from it may experience chronic pain as well as a reduced range of motion. If you clicked on this blog, it’s likely you already know that. This diagnosis has a direct impact on the overall quality of life of those living with it by making completing everyday tasks challenging.  

Whilst there is no cure for arthritis, there are treatments available to lessen the symptoms. Fortunately, there are also a number of daily living products for arthritis that help make living with arthritis a little bit easier. 


Kitchen utensils for arthritis 

Arthritis reduces your grip functionality particularly if you’re suffering with an inflammatory arthritis. This makes it difficult to operate basic utensils like forks and knives, and other kitchen tools like can openers and peelers.  

Kitchen utensils specifically designed for those with arthritis feature a bigger handle and a sturdier grip to make it easier to manage. This reduces pressure on your joints making the utensils easier to hold and manoeuvre.  

With reduced grip and strength as a result of arthritis, straining to open jars or cans can cause unnecessary pain. Some tools like rubber jar openers or electric can openers make it much easier to open bottles, jars and containers. 



Easy turn taps for arthritis 

Taps can be difficult to open at the best of times, but with arthritis this task can be unnecessarily strenuous and painful. Replacing your existing screw taps with arthritis-friendly easy-turn taps or tap levers will take the strain out of opening and closing your tap. 

Whilst there are additional tools you can purchase to make it easier to turn your existing taps, having lever taps installed in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry etc. Will reduce the pressure on your wrists without expending unnecessary strength.  


Long-handled products for arthritis 

Kitchen utensils designed with long handles make it easier to complete tasks because they extend your range of motion. With arthritis, bending to put on shoes or even adjust your legs can be painful. products for arthritis like a long-handled dustpanshoehorn or sock aid all make it easier for you to complete these kinds of tasks because it allows you to access hard-to-reach places. 


Mobility aids for arthritis 

If you’re living with arthritis, you may experience reduced range of movement. To aid with mobility, investing in mobility equipment for arthritis like a walking stick with arthritic grip can help take the pressure off your joints when you navigate your home or community. 


Arthritis can be challenging to live with. With the help of these products for arthritis, you can get back to living life more comfortably. For more advice on which products can help better manage arthritis, get in touch with one of specialised team members at Endeavour. 


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