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Disability ramps: Benefits of portable wheelchair ramps

June 15, 2021

We’ve covered the types of wheelchair ramps and which ones are best suited to which needs. This blog will focus on the benefits of the rubber wedge and folding disability ramps. 

As your level of mobility changes, you may require additional walking aids and/or wheeled mobility to ensure you can safely navigate not only your home, but wider community. Because of this, temporary disability ramps are an essential tool to offer a quick and immediate ramp solution to improve accessibility, regain independence and prevent falls. 

Here are some benefits of portable disability ramps:  


Disability ramps can increase mobility 

A ramp improves your ability to get in and out of your home and out into the community. Whether you require a wheelchair or walker to move around or simply have reduced mobility, you'll be able to get in and out of your home without placing unnecessary strain on your body. 

By providing a more even surface, disability ramps make it easy for wheeled mobility to roll over ledges and steps to enable you to continue living as you were, just with greater ease. 




Some disability ramps are portable 

Investing in a portable ramp means you can take it wherever you go, allowing you to make any room or building easily accessible for wheeled mobility and those with reduced mobility.  

Disability ramps like the DecPac Portable Ramp and Single Fold Mobility Ramp are ideal for converting almost any step or curb into ramp accessible for wheelchairs and other wheeled mobility. Since these are foldable disability ramps, they’re designed to be travelled with to help you get back out into your community. 




Disability ramps allow you to regain a level of independence 

Disability ramps makes it easy to navigate your home; inside and out. A ramp like the Raven Rubber Ramp, although compact enough to be portable, can provide a more permanent ramp solution for lips in doorways which means in most cases, you can continue to manoeuvre around your home without the assistance of a carer or loved one.  



Disability ramps help prevent falls 

Ledges, steps and lips are a common tripping hazard. In the home, these hazards are easier to remove or mask with ramp solutions like the Raven Rubber Ramp, or perhaps some more permanent ramp solutions like a timber wheelchair access ramp 

But, when it comes to the wider community, you have little control over or awareness of the number of tripping hazards in the vicinityThat's why portable disability ramps can help reduce the number of tripping hazards, even when you’re out in public. 

By evening out these common hazards like curbs, steps to a building, etc. These disability ramps can prevent serious accidents like slips, trips and falls. 




Disability ramps are more than just a tool to remove tripping hazards, they enable you to re-join your community so you can continue participating in the activities you’ve always loved doing, even as your level of mobility changes. 

Get in touch with our team at Endeavour Life Care to help you find a disability ramp solution to get moving again. 



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