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Why you need an over toilet frame

July 21, 2021

Using the bathroom shouldn't be a chore. As we age, a lack of balance, reduced strength and joint mobility can make going to the toilet strenuous and unnecessarily dangerous. Over toilet frames are a common bathroom aid that provides additional safety and support when using the toilet to prevent over-straining your body. 

An over toilet frame is a 4-legged chair featuring armrests that is designed to sit around your toilet to make getting on and off your toilet easier. Some of these frames are available with a splash guard to avoid mess and improve hygiene when in use. With an over toilet frame in place, you can retain some level of independence, particularly during a time where you’re most vulnerable. 

An over toilet frame is one of the easiest bathroom aids that you can implement now to make your bathroom trips much safer. Let’s look into some of the benefits of an over toilet frame. 


An over toilet frame can prevent falls 

One in three people aged over 65 fall every year. As you age, it becomes increasingly important to implement fall preventative products into your home to reduce your risk of slips and trips. Whilst there are many products available at Endeavour Life Care for improved bathroom safety, an over toilet frame is an inexpensive yet highly effective place to start. 

Often, falls occur because of poor balance and reduced strength. An Over Toilet Frame, like the Steel Over Toilet Frame from Endeavour, is designed to provide additional balance support to safely stabilise yourself as you lift and lower yourself on and off the toilet. With rubber-tip feet, the over toilet frame can stay in place as you apply your full body weight onto the frame.  

To correctly install an over toilet frame, it should be positioned on a completely flat surface and any bathroom mats should be removed from the toilet area.  


An over toilet frame can make transferring to the toilet safer 

If you currently require mobility aids like a walking stick or a wheeled walker, using the bathroom is already a huge inconvenience. With an over toilet frame, you can more comfortably and safely transfer from your walking aid to the toilet without the assistance of a carer. This is because as we mentioned earlier, the armrests provide you with the support you need to lift and balance yourself as you make this transfer. 

Additionally, if you use a wheeled mobility aid like a wheelchair, having an over-toilet frame can make it easier for your carer to transfer you on and off the toilet. This is because you can aid in lifting yourself on and off the toilet using the armrests.  


An over toilet frame can prevent overstraining  

As we mentioned earlier, as we age, we experience a number of physical changes. Majority of these make using the bathroom more dangerous than it needs to be. An over toilet frame can help prevent the injuries associated with overstraining; notably Skeletal-Muscle-Strain Injury. 

With the assistance of the armrests, you are better able to carry yourself on and off the toilet, without placing unnecessary pressure on your knee and hip joints.  

Over toilet frames, like the Aluminium Over Toilet Frame, feature height adjustable legs. This means if you have trouble bending or have weaker lower-body muscles and joints, you can customise the height of the over toilet frame to raise the seat higher up. This reduces the unnecessary pressure you place on your lower body. 


neck strain

An over toilet frame can aid in operation recovery 

For the same reasons we mentioned above, an over toilet aid can better accommodate for your physical needs if you’ve recently had a knee or hip operation. By adjusting to your height and alleviating the pressure you place on your lower body, an over toilet frame can make using the toilet post operation more comfortable. 


over toilet frame  

Overall, an over toilet frame is a great bathroom aid to allow you to use the toilet comfortably and safely.   

If you need help selecting the over toilet frame for your, or you're interested in more of our bathroom aids and equipment, contact our team of experts today! 


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