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Shower chairs, toilet frames and more! Bathroom and toilet aids to prevent falls in your bathroom

February 17, 2021

The bathroom is where you’re most vulnerable. For seniors this can also be where you’re most at risk of slips and falls. As we agewe’re likely to experience reduced mobility, strength and stability which can make using the bathroom dangerous. 

Getting support from bathroom and toilet aids like shower chairs and toilet frames play an important role in allowing you to safely and independently use your bathroom. 

You can prevent falls in your bathroom with these bathroom aids: 

  • Shower chairs 
  • Toilet frames 
  • Handheld showers 
  • Weighted shower curtains
  • Nonslip mats 


Shower chairs can help prevent falls 

If you have reduced endurance and strength, staying seated on a shower chair will make showering less strenuous and more comfortable. It also means that you’re less likely to slip and fall as shower chairs remove the need to shuffle around on wet tiles and provide additional balance support. 

By lowering the risk of falling, shower chairs like this classic steel shower chair allow you to preserve your independence so you can confidently and comfortably wash all parts of your body, without the assistance of a loved one or carer. 

Shower chairs, toilet frames, grab rails and handheld showers! Bathroom and toilet aids to prevent falls in your bathroom  

Get additional balance support with toilet frames  

Toilet aids like toilet chairs and toilet frames provide additional balance support when using the bathroom. With armrests and rails surrounding the toilet, you’re able to get on and off the toilet whilst maintaining your balance and stability. 

When buying a toilet aid, it’s important to look for toilet frames that feature adjustable legs, like the aluminium over toilet frameto ensure you can tailor the height of the toilet frame to your individual needs so you receive maximum support and safety 


Handheld showers make showering safer and more comfortable  

Handheld showers are a bathroom aid that gives you more freedom and independence in the shower.  

A fixed showerhead makes it difficult to safely reach and clean all areas of your body. By installing a handheld shower, you have more flexibility and control over where you direct the water. This not only means you’ll come out squeaky clean, but you’ll reduce the risks of slips as there’s no need to shuffle on wet tiles trying to rinse off soap suds.  

A handheld shower makes showering more comfortable as it requires less effort, meaning it’s less strenuous on your body. When paired with a shower chair, handheld showers provide additional balance support and prevent unnecessary muscle strain from over stretching in the shower.  

Handheld showers should be installed by home modification experts, like ELC Home Modificationsso, you can confidently shower independently.   


Shower chairs, toilet frames, grab rails and handheld showers! Bathroom and toilet aids to prevent falls in your bathroom  

Weighted shower curtains are quickly becoming a popular bathroom aid 

The weighted shower curtain is a bathroom aid that creates a protective barrier to trap the water within the shower unit, preventing it from splashing into the main bathroom area. 

With weighted ends that holds the curtain in place, the weighted shower curtain is a necessary shower aid for open plan, accessible bathrooms and stepless showers that don’t have a lip or step to restrain the water.  

By preventing excess water from splashing onto the bathroom tiles, the weighted shower curtain helps reduce the risk of slips and falls in your bathroom, so you can shower confidently and independently.  


Nonslip mats are an essential bathroom product 

Non-slip shower mats are a bathroom essential to prevent falls in the shower. By providing a safe, rough grip, standing area to use whilst showering, the shower mat suctions to the shower floor to help prevent falls and slips so you can shower safely and confidently at home.  

Shower chairs, toilet frames and more! Bathroom and toilet aids to prevent falls in your bathroom  

Whilst these products can significantly improve the accessibility of your bathroom as you age, you may want to look into bathroom modifications as a more permanent solution to improving bathroom accessibility. Our sister company at ELC Home Modifications can help curate a tailor-made modification plan to make this daunting task a lot easier! 

Maintaining your personal hygiene doesn’t have to be a chore. Investing in bathroom products and toilet aids are the first step making your bathroom safer and much easier to use.   





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