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Complete Sleeper Traditional - Adjustable Deluxe Foam Pillow

The Complete Sleeper Traditional Deluxe Foam Pillow is designed to provide ultimate comfort and luxury for when a person is sleeping. This pillow is highly customisable- with it being able to be changed to 12 different adjustment options by easily moving the two internal foam Inserts, making it suitable for most individuals.
      1. No risk of being uncomfortable- the pillow will never be too high, low, hard or soft thanks to being able to internally adjust the pillow inserts to suit individual preferences.  
      2. High-quality product- Australian made and built from premium grade foam.
      3. Ergonomic design- Designed in conjunction with health professionals to support spine curvature.
      4. Promotes airflow- With its open cell foam structure,  the air channels through the middle and the open weave cover that comes with it.
          1. TGA registered.
        Meaurements: 38 cm wide x 58 cm long x 14 cm & 12 cm high
        Product Code: EA2130