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Easy Flo 4000 Premium Alternating Air Pressure Mattress

The Easy Flo 4000 is an alternating air mattress designed for pressure care and specifically suitable for those who are at high risk of developing pressure sores.

The Easy Flo 4000 system is a high end pressure care option, with a cell on cell technology that ensures pressure is evenly distributed on the body and also changed with every cycle. The mattress consists of 20 static cells in the base of the mattress with 17 alternating cells and 3 static cells at the head/pillow end. All cell heights are 8" and are made from PU which is covered by a 2-way stretch vapour permeable that is waterproof.

It is controlled by a digital pump system that has an adjustable cycle time of 10-15 and 20 minutes, it also comes with both a low pressure and power failure audible alarm. The quick release hose and airline connection is an easy way to empty the mattress of air for transporting. 



      1. Weight Capacity: 200kg

        Minimum User Weight: 30kg

        Risk Category: High Risk - Stage 3

        Mattress Dimensions: 900mm x 2030mm

        Alternation: Static & Alternating 1 in 2 Cells with cell 3 Static

        Pressure Range: 20 - 50mmhg

        Air Output: 8 Litres per Minute

        Cycle Time: Adjustable 10, 15 to 20 Minutes

        Cell Height: 8"

        Cover Type: 2-way stretch vapour permeable