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PCCEG - 002

The Protector EquaGel®


There's no other cushion like it. The Protector EquaGel® is a dual-layer, dry polymer gel cushion designed to give you maximum support when seated. 

The top layer features a tight honeycomb-grid surface that evenly distributes your body weight across the surface of the cushion to take the pressure off your lower back and bottom. The bottom layer features a thicker gell wall for deeper, postural support.

With a pelvic contour built within the cushion, The Protector EquaGel® fits your natural seated position to help prevent pressure sores and deep tissue pressure ulcers by redistributing weight away from sensitive areas of your body.

The Protector EquaGel® retains 1 3/4” of buckling gel under the pressure points to prevent you from sinking into the cushion, ensuring you're actually receiving necessary support and comfort when seated.

This water resistant cushion is ideal for everyday use on most day chairs, making it a must-have aid for daily living.