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Benefits of Shower Chairs

May 11, 2021


For those with limited mobility, including seniors and those living with a disability, showering can be difficult – in fact, it can be dangerous. Wet tiles and physical instability are the perfect ingredients for a recipe of disaster that’ll leave a bad taste in your mouth 

Showerchairs are an easy-to-install bathroom aid that significantly improves the accessibility of your shower. This aid by enables you to stay seated in the shower, making it a must-have bathroom aid to: 

  • Reduce your risk of falling 
  • Allow you to shower comfortably 
  • Improve independence 
  • Improve balance support 
  • Improve hygiene 
  • Reduce strain placed on your body 
  • Support carers 


 shower chairs in a disabled bathroom

Let’s take a deeper look into the benefits of shower chairs: 

Shower chairs reduce your risk of falling 

Shower chairs allow you to stay seatedin the shower which keeps you from shuffling on wet tiles when washing. This means you’re less likely to slip and fall when you’re trying to wash all those hard-to-reach places. 


Shower chairs allow you to shower comfortably 

Showering can become physically uncomfortable, particularly if you are experiencing reduced endurance and strength. Staying seated in a shower chair makes showering less strenuous because there’s no pressure on your lower body to maintain your balance. 


shower chairs in an accessible bathroom 

 Shower chairs help improve independence 

Shower chairs make it easy and safe for your to shower without the assistance of a carer or loved one so you can regain your independence. Since you’re seated, there’s a reduced risk of slipping and you will be able to safely reach every part of your body that needs to be cleaned. 


Shower chairs provide balance support 

Shower chairs can give you ongoing comfort and stability to bathe with confidence because you’ll be able to maintain your balance with ease whilst seated. 

Like we mentioned earlier, shower chairs provide a secure seat to shower, so there is no pressure to have to hold up your own weight standing in the shower. 


Shower chairs can help improve personal hygiene 

Anxiety from falling can deter you from showering all together which can compromise your personal hygiene. A shower chair allows you to regain the confidence to shower independently, with a significantly reduced risk of slipping. 



Shower chairs reduce strain placed on your body 

By staying seated in the shower, every place you need to wash is within reach, so you won't be overstretching to wash yourself. This reduces the risk of pulling a muscle or experiencing other skeletal-muscle-strain injuries. 


Shower chairs support carers 

Whilst shower chairs can allow you to shower independently, in the instance a carer is required, shower chairs can help keep both you and your carer safe from falls and skeletal-muscle-strain injuries.  

Shower chairs with wheels, notably shower commodes make transferring patients in and out of the shower much safer and easier. This reduces the physical strain exerted by carers in the process because they can focus on washing you instead of keeping you upright. 


 support worker or carer helping a child with a disability


We understand how important it is to maintain some level of independence, especially if you’re a senior or living with a disability. Shower chairs enable you to bathe while remaining seated. This reduces your chances of slipping and falling and can give you ongoing comfort and stability to bathe with confidence.   

You can use shower chairs to help with reduced balance, mobility and strength in your lower limbs or when being transferred out of a wheelchair.  Explore Endeavour Life Care’s range of shower chairs today, or contact our team of specialist for advice! 


benefits of shower chairs


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