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Our top seating picks: Orthopedic chairs for elderly

April 26, 2021

Poor posture has been directly linked to back, neck and shoulder pain and spinal dysfunction. For seniors, these effects are amplified with the risk of pressure sores, breathing complications and poor circulation.  

That’s why selecting the right chair, manufactured to provide ergonomic support and comfort for seniors is important. Our team at Endeavour Life Care work closely with our network of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Case Managers and Allied Health professionals to ensure you get the most suitable equipment solution for your specific needs. 

With this in mind, here’s some of our top orthopedic chairs for elderly 

Orthopedic chairs for elderly: The Kingston Ergo Chairs 

The Kingston Ergo Day Chair is both height adjustable and pre-set depth adjustable which makes it extremely versatile and suitable for most individuals seating needs by being customisable to maximise the users comfort. Plus, it’s available in three sizes; a standard, overwide and bariatric model to ensure the perfect fit for everyone. 

The comfortable curved back design is designed to improve ergonomic support and overall comfortability making it one of Endeavour’s ideal orthopedic chairs for elderly. The overhanging arms give those users with limited mobility the support they need to assist themselves out of the chair with greater ease. 

With availabilities in three colours and easy-to-clean vinyl upholsterythe Kingston Ergo chairs suit any living environment, without looking too clinical. 

Orthopedic chairs for elderly: Coral High Back Day Chair 

The Coral Day chair is a high back chair for elderly that features a high backrest to give support to the user’s neck that is particularly beneficial if the user struggles with back or neck pain.  

By supporting the spine and neck and promoting good posture the user can prevent unnecessary stress on their back when seated. With added lumbar support, these orthopedic chairs for elderly enhance the seated comfort of the user. 

With both height and depth adjustability, these Coral High Back Day Chair makes the perfect orthopedic chairs for elderly who need comfort and customisability. 

Orthopedic chairs for elderly: Pride Lift Chair and Recliner C101  

The Pride Lift Chair and Recliner is all about comfort. It’s the perfect combination of comfort, quality and value.  

This recliner and lift chair is designed to raise and lower to reduce physical strain when sitting down and standing up. This makes it easier for both the user and any carers that assist with transferring on and off the chair.  

With a remote hand control, the Pride C101 allows the user to easily control the functions of the chair and transition into a raised standing position, sitting position and reclined position. This leg elevation function can help promote improved blood circulation and aid in relieving swelling in the lower legs. 

The Pride C101 is made with quality suede upholstery making it easy to clean and long lasting. It's also available in a range of colours to ensure this recliner can suit your living environment.  



Orthopedic chairs for elderly: Southern Ergo Day Chair  

This simple, mid-back chair is available in a standard model and bariatric model that vary widths to fit a range of users. The Southern Ergo Day Chair features both 3-point depth and 6-point height adjustability to adjust the chair to the user’s needs. 

With TGA approval, these Orthopedic chairs for elderly are designed to provide ergonomic support necessary for comfortable seating. 


Orthopedic chairs for elderly: Norfolk Ergo Day Chair  

The TGA approved Norfolk Ergo Day Chair is one of the more stylish, orthopedic chairs for elderly. Featuring lower lumbar support, users can be ergonomically supported to provide back relief and prevent lower body pain. 

Like the previous ergo day chairs, the Norfolk also has 3-point factory set depth and 6-point height adjustability to customize the chair to the individual's needs and maximise ergonomic support and comfort.    


Endeavour Life Care stock a wide range of orthopedic chairs for elderly. Designed to be supportive and ergonomic, our chairs can help support elderly users with being comfortable. 

Explore our complete range of orthopedic chairs for elderly and sit comfortably again. 

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