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Disability ramps: Which wheelchair access ramps are best for me?

May 19, 2021

Ramps play an important role in maximising your accessibility, both inside your home and out of it. Stairs, thresholds and lips in the floor can pose a serious fall risk to both seniors and people living with a disability. Replacing these uneven surfaces with a disability ramp can give you a smoother and safer surface to navigate.

But different types of ramps may be more suitable for you depending on your personal situation, so it’s important to consider which kind of wheelchair access ramp is best suited to your immediate needs. Ensuring you choose the correct ramp for your situation will prevent unnecessary accidents.

So, what kinds of disability ramps are available to you?

  1. Timber/wood wheelchair ramps
  2. Rubber wedge/threshold ramps
  3. Aluminium folding wheelchair ramps


Timber/wood wheelchair ramps

Timber wheelchair access ramps are a permanent disability ramp ideal for seniors and those living with a disability. For seniors, this timber disability ramp is crucial in allowing seniors to remain living independently at home for as long as possible.

With age, you may find it more difficult to navigate the stairs leading to and from your home. Installing a timber wheelchair access ramp will improve your mobility by reducing the physical strain felt on your body. This installation can also cater for your future needs should your needs change and require a wheelchair or other wheeled mobility to navigate.


timber wheelchair access ramp


For those living with a physical disability that reduces your level of mobility and/or requires wheeled mobility, installing a timber disability ramp is critical in allowing you to safely access your home. A permanent disability ramp is designed custom to your needs. This means we can tailor the gradient of the ramp slope with consultation with your Occupational Therapist to make it easier for you and/or your carer to push your wheelchair or walking aid up the ramp without overstraining.

Since the construction of wheelchair access ramps is often governed by the Victorian Building Authority and approval from your local council, we recommend contacting home modification experts. ELC Home Modifications have been building ramps in accordance with Australian Standards AS1428 for over 30 years and are Victoria’s most experienced builders specialising in home modifications.

Explore their services or free resources to get a better understanding of the benefits of wheelchair access ramps.


disability ramp


Rubber wedge/threshold ramps

Thresholds are common in every home. Whether it’s the lip between two rooms or the threshold at the back door these deceptively small steps can cause big falls and subsequent injuries. Where it isn’t practical to install a timber access ramp, rubber wedge disability ramps are ideal to cover those smaller steps and provide an even surface to walk or roll over.

A rubber disability ramp like the Raven Rubber Ramp or the Modular Rubber Threshold Ramp are instant ramp solutions that easily make a range of locations wheelchair accessible and mobility friendly. Whilst these ramps are ideal for use in your home to render common threshold steps stepless, the compact and portable nature of these disability ramps means they can help maintain accessibility when you’re out in the community.


Raven Rubber Ramp


But not all steps are made equal. Endeavour Life Care custom make rubber disability ramps to provide a ramp solution to steps, sills and thresholds in your home. These rubber ramps are tailored to suit any width and height of your doorway to create a safe and smooth path for wheeled or limited mobility.

We manufacture our custom rubber ramps with recycled rubber which provides excellent grip and won’t slide away when you step onto it. These disability ramps are also highly malleable and can be moulded to almost any shape or size. Plus, they can easily be packed up or moved when necessary!

 custom made rubber disability ramp


Aluminium folding wheelchair ramps

For those living with a disability, getting out into the wider community can be challenging when not all places are wheelchair accessible.

Aluminium folding ramps are designed to make travel easier for those living with a disability or who require wheeled mobility. Folding disability ramps like the Single Fold Ramp or the Decpac Ramp are lightweight and portable ramps that convert almost any step or curb into ramp. Whether you’re visiting friends at their home or the local RSL club, this unit instantly makes any place more wheelchair accessible. The Decpac Ramp folds into a compact unit with a convenient handle making it the perfect travel companion for when you’re on the go.

Accessibility is important even beyond your home, that’s why these folding disability ramps are perfect for anyone who requires wheeled mobility looking to enjoy their community.



We understand how important disability ramps are in improving the accessibility of both private and public venues. In fact, we recognise the correlation between accessibility and improved quality of life. That’s why it’s important you get in touch with our team at Endeavour Life Care to help you find a disability ramp solution to ensure anyone with reduced mobility can safely and comfortably get around.

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