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How aged care equipment can help you live safely and independently

February 05, 2021

If you’re part of the 80% of seniors aged over 70 who wish to live out their retirement at home, then it’s important to understand what aged care equipment is available to you and how they can allow you to safely and independently live at home as you age. 

Aged care equipment offers solutions to everyday challenges commonly faced in the home by: 

  • Preventing falls  
  • Providing stability and balance  
  • Making it easier to complete daily tasks 
  • Improving mobility 


Aged care equipment can help prevent falls 

One in three people aged over 65 fall every year, with falls being the cause of 75% of injury hospitalisations for seniors. Investing in aged care equipment that prevents slips, trips and falls could save your life. 

Installing grab railsnon-slip tape and mats into areas of your home that are more susceptible to slips, like your bathroom, can help prevent slipping hazards and provide physical stability and support for you to move safelaround the house. 


“Our shower floor posed a risk as it became more slippery. This shower mat is the best we have found in our search to be safer” 

– Customer, William F 


These fall prevention aids are best installed early into your home to prevent injuries that may make it difficult to live independently in the future.  


grab rail 


Mobility and walking aids provide stability and balance 

As you age, you will begin to experience a loss of strength, coordination, stability and balance. Without the assistance of aged care equipment, you could be putting yourself at risk of unnecessary muscle strain and falls. 

Bathroom aids such as toilet chairs and shower chairs and stools provide additional support when using the toilet or shower.  

Other, mobility aids, like grab rails, offer balance support in areas of your home that you frequent, including your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Some aged care equipment suppliers offer additional services to have these mobility aids professionally installed, such as ELC Home Modifications (who can even custom-make a solution to suit you!) so, you can confidently navigate your home freely and safely. 


 bathroom grab rails and toilet seat frame aged care equipment


Aged care equipment can make completing daily tasks easier 

Simple tasks like opening a jar of jam or buttoning up your shirt may not seem strenuous now, but completing these kinds of activities simply become more difficult with age, particularly if you’re experiencing reduced strength and dexterity.  

Investing in aids for daily living that allow you to complete daily tasks independently, like bathing, cooking, cleaning and participating in your hobbies can prevent the risk of muscle strain whilst allowing you to continue living comfortably and independently at home. 

 aged care equipment can make completing daily tasks easier


Improve mobility with mobility aids and walking aids 

Aged care equipment like walking sticks and walking frames allow you to safely, comfortably and independently navigate your home and community. By providing additional balance support, mobility aids encourage you to stay active for longer whilst reducing your risk of falls. 

These kinds of walking aids help you to maintain physical activity, function and mobility, that can keep you living independently for longer.  

 Improve mobility with mobility aids and walking aids


Maintaining independence is important if you wish to continue living at home as you age. Personal aged care equipment can help improve your overall confidence in completing daily tasks, so you can continue living at home safely and comfortably, just like you’ve always done. 

Start exploring tools and equipment to help you live independently by visiting Endeavour Life Care today! 


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