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Mobility scooters, walking frames and more: Types of mobility aids to help you live independently

March 16, 2021

Without proper assistance, simply moving around your home can be dangerous. Mobility aids like mobility scooters or a walking frame can significantly improve mobility around your home or in your community. 

Here’s how some of our most popular mobility aids you help you get moving again with a reduced risk of slips, trips and falls.  


Getting balance support with walking sticks

Walking sticks are one of the most common types of mobility aids. They’re designed to offer additional stability which means for those struggling with unsteadiness, walking sticks can help the user maintain balance when they’re standing or walking. 

By taking the pressure off the user’s lower body and transferring it to their upper body, walking sticks make it easier to carry the user’s weight as they walk, reducing the risk of falls.  

Whilst most walking sticks are generally inexpensivethey’roften the first fall preventative step to assist those whom are beginning to experience changes to their physical ability, particularly the elderlyto walk safely and comfortablanywhere and everywhere despite changes in terrain. 



Using a walking frame for additional stability 

Walking frames are mobility aids that provides more full-body stability, strength and balance support because of their durable, three-sided frame.  

With a more secure frame than a walking stick, walking frames, like this traditional walking frame allow the user to apply their full body weight onto thmobility aid to take pressure off their legs and help lift themselves as they walk.  

For those with reduced upper body strength, some walking frames are available with wheels; these are called rollators. Rollators allow the user to glide the walking frame in front of them, locking into place whilst they follow behind it.  

By providing stability, walking frames are effective mobility aids that help prevent falls and physical injury from overstraining. Simultaneously, they still enable the user to maintain a level of independence, physical activity and confidence that can contribute to an overall higher quality of life. 



Get moving with mobility scooters 

Mobility scooters are an electric-powered mobility aid that operates much like an electric wheelchair. It’s designed for those with reduced mobility, strength and agility to help them navigate their community safely and independently. 

Mobility scooters  help people get back into their community. Whether it’s running errands or participating in leisure groupsmobility scooters improve the level of confidence and independence felt by users as there is no need for a personal carer or loved one to assist them.  

Since mobility scooters, like the Pride Pathriderare safe and easy to operate with easy acceleration, braking and steering controls, they significantly improve accessibility and make completing daily tasks quicker and safer. 



Wheelchairs as an important mobility aid 

Wheelchairs are another common mobility aid for those who are unable to walk as a result of a disability, ageing or lack the strength and/or physical function. Wheelchairs are available as manual or electric with variations that can be used with or without the assistance of a carer or loved one, depending on the user’s individual needs. With an extensive product range, there is a wheelchair to suit every level of mobility. 

Though this kind of mobility aid can be a more permanent mobility solution, wheelchairs like the Days Swift Wheelchair are ideal for occasional indoor and outdoor use by those who are unable to walk independently for long periods of time.  

Much like the aforementioned mobility aids, wheelchairs enable the user to safely socialise with family and friends, restoring their independence and confidence.  


Whilst mobility aids are designed to significantly improve the user's level of mobility, they can also help improve their overall quality of life, by restoring freedom and independence. 

That’s why Endeavour Life Care stock a range of mobility aids to get you back out into your community and enjoying life again.  

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