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What is a weighted shower curtain and why do you need one?

April 08, 2021

A weighted shower curtain is part of your solution to an accessible bathroom.  

Simply put, a weighted shower curtain is a durable, waterproof shower curtain with weights sewn into the hem to prevent it from moving when using your shower. 

For seniors and those living with a disability, these shower curtains are particularly useful because they: 

  • Prevent excess shower spray 
  • Don’t cling to or tangle with your body 
  • Are more sturdy than standard shower curtains 

Here’s why you need a weighted shower curtain in your bathroom. 

Let’s take a deeper look into why you need a weighted shower curtain to maximise the accessibility of your bathroom 

Weighted shower curtains prevent excess splashing. 

Often, a modified bathroomwill feature a stepless, walk-in shower that is designed with a base synonymous with the bathroom floor. This means there’s typically no surrounding lipstep or glass screen to contain the water within the shower. 

These showers are ideal for seniors with limited mobility or those living with a disability as it removes a tripping hazard in the lip or step that surrounds the perimeter of most showers. However, because this typical water catchment lip is removed, showering can get messy and sometimes dangerous. 

Without the correct shower curtain, stepless showers units can create greater slipping hazards since excess water can splash into the main bathroom area. This makes navigating your bathroom not only more difficult, but with wet tiles, it makes it significantly more dangerous. 

A weighted shower curtain is specifically designed to help contain the water within the stepless shower unit by creating a sturdy block to prevent water from splashing out. The weighted ends keep the shower curtain close to the bottom of the shower floor to prevent water from spilling out, keeping the main bathroom area dry. 

A weighted shower curtain doesn’t stick to you 

For reasons unbeknown to scientists, standard shower curtains tend to stick to you when you shower. With weighted shower curtainyou can wash with the knowledge that you won’t be in a constant battle with your shower curtain 

The weighted ends keep the curtain in place, preventing it from swaying and tangling with you whilst you move and wash in shower. This makes showering easiersafer and more comfortable for you as it is less likely to become a tripping hazard, or throw you off balance. 

Weighted shower curtains are more durable than a standard shower curtain 

Standard shower curtains are light and airy, so with a small gust of steam it quickly smothers you in its damp, plastic glory. Not only is this annoying, but if you’re caught off guard, it can also be dangerous. 

As we mentioned earlier, for people with limited mobility, the shower curtain needs to stay in place. This is to prevent over-straining and unnecessary slips or falls in the shower when trying to open or close the shower curtain. 

Additionally, because you don’t have to continue fighting this shower curtain to stay closed, it can last longer than your standard shower curtain.   


Whilst it’s only a minor addition to your bathroom, a weighted shower curtain can significantly improve the safety and accessibility of your bathroom. 

View our popular weighted shower curtain here or contact us today for more bathroom aids to prevent falls.  

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